Aerial Photography for Contractors, Developers, and Architects 

Aerial Photography for Contractors, Developers, and Architects 

Are you a contractor, developer or architect getting ready to start a new project? Are you getting ready to finalize a project and need some professional photos for your portfolio, share with remote investors, or to show potential clients during bids? Biz360Tours has you covered! We can photograph your project with our high tech equipment, capturing traditional still photos of the site, aerial 360-degree images or even a “Satellite View”.

Aerial photos are a great way to show a project before, during and after completion to remote owners, stakeholders or team members in almost real-time, as we can typically deliver images the next day! These images can be used at a later time for marketing materials as well.

Aerial 360-degree images for the construction industry

As you can see below, aerial 360-degree photography is an amazing way to show the construction site and surrounding environment. Click the play button and literally, have a look around the site and surrounding areas. You can zoom in and out of the image and if you are viewing this on a smartphone or tablet, you can utilize the gyro to look around the image. With our GPS lock technology, we are able to fly to the same exact location and altitude to capture multiple images over the course of construction.

Above: Aerial 360-degree panoramic image of the Brevard County Wastewater Treatment Facility in Viera, Florida. 

Above: 360-degree panoramic images captured at the Dr. Carter G. Woodson Pre K-8 School for an architectural firm based in Tampa, Florida. Tour complete with company logos and descriptions of work completed at the site. 

Traditional Aerial Photography

With traditional aerial photography, we are able to capture the whole site in one image from multiple angles. With our GPS lock technology, we can fly to the same location over the course of construction and capture a succession of images to create a timelapse video or GIF that can be used to help your team or display on your company website. 

An aerial photo of the Brevard County Wastewater Treatment Facility after a recent addition by Adam Robinson Enterprises.

Aerial “Satellite View” Photography

As you may know, it takes satellite companies and mapping platforms such as Google Maps and Apple Maps months if not years to update their imagery on their platforms. We are able to provide you with a “Satellite View” of the job site within days of capturing the photos. This helps increase communications, safety and reducing costs of the project. 

Utilizing our “Satellite View” aerial photography, contractors are able to get an updated “satellite view” of the job site. Again, these images are a fantastic way of displaying the site before, during and after the job has been completed. 

An aerial “satellite view” of a 40-acre property for a real estate client. Google Maps did not have the most recent data for this location and other mapping platforms had low-quality images available. We were able to create the view in high resolution for the client as needed.  

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