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Alternative Connection Melbourne Florida

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Alternative Connection

Alternative Connection
By: Jessica Housand-Weaver

While Melbourne is well-known for its scenic beaches, world-class fishing, downtown shopping, festivals, and restaurants, the city is also home to a bustling tattoo and piercing scene. If you desire high quality body modification services or top-notch smoke shop supplies, then a visit to Alternative Connection is in order.

Alternative Connection specializes in body piercing, tattoos, and a variety of alternative lifestyle items such as body jewelry, pipes, smoking accessories, detox, scales, gifts, knives, collectable swords, Twisted DVDs, Hookahs, glass art, flavored pipe tobacco, and rolling papers.

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Despite the illusion of modern trends, tattooing and piercing are ancient practices that have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. Body modification, because of its permanence, remains a deeply personal form of expression in modern society. It has been used throughout human history as a status symbol, amulet, declaration of love or religious beliefs, adornment, and in some instances, even signs of punishment. The earliest evidence for tattoos on a human body is from the famous Iceman who was found with tattoo patterns on his body and carbon-dated to be about 5,200 years old and from Egyptian female mummies dated to around 2,000 B.C. Likewise, evidence for piercings have been found in the earliest graves throughout the world.

Alternative Connection provides professional body piercing in the Melbourne, FL area featuring Professional Certified Body Piercers, Lisa Phoeanix and Mark Paulhus. With over 30 combined years of body piercing experience, the skilled piercers at Alternative Connection are ready to provide you with the quality you expect from professionals. Whether you would like a brand new piercing or a new piece of jewelry for an existing one, they are ready to answer all your piercing-related questions.

You can be certain that Alternative Connection’s friendly, knowledgeable staff will treat you with respect and professionalism. They will also help you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your piercing consult and procedure.  This place offers private piercing rooms and an impeccable sterilization process for your comfort and safety.

The piercers at Alternative Connection are experienced with multiple body piercing types and body locations including navels, lips, tongues, nipples, genitals, noses, and ears. Alternative Connection specializes in:

• Ear piercings – earlobe, helix, tragus, helix, rook, industrial, conch, and orbital piercings, among others
• Navel piercing – top, bottom, or another angle of your choice
• Nipple and genital piercings
• Tongue, labret, and monroe piercings
• Surface and single-point piercings

Visit Alternative Connection today and allow one of its talented piercers to assist you in deciding on the type of piercing as well as the variety and size of jewelry that will best meet your needs.

Additionally, Alternative Connection carries thousands of pieces of body jewelry, from surgical steel to titanium as well as plugs and gauges. They also have American-made implant-grade jewelry in all styles and sizes and organic body jewelry from quality manufacturers such as Industrial Strength and Metal Mafia. This shop even offers inexpensive costume jewelry.

As an added incentive to get pierced or shop at Alternative Connection, they offer free changeouts with jewelry purchases and “walk-in” body piercing services.

Alternative Connection takes great pride in the professionalism and customer service of its custom tattoo artists. Not only does the parlor treat their clients with the utmost respect and courtesy, they offer only the highest quality tattooing. The Alternative Connection provides a top-rated, clean, and sterile environment that is creative and art-focused. Clients enjoy peace of mind about their health as well as beautiful artwork. This tattoo parlor specializes in cover-ups and incredible custom tattoos.

Alternative Connection’s Tattooing Services Include:

• Custom tattoos at a fair price
• Custom drawings to your specifications
• A huge selection of flash to help you find ideas
• Artists who will use your art or draw custom artwork for you
• A private tattoo area to accommodate a private tattooing session
• A clean, sterile environment

At Alternative Connection, the tattoo artists take their artwork and your satisfaction very seriously. All tattoo appointments must be made in person and require a deposit. Artists encourage clients to bring in custom artwork to discuss and get answers for any questions or concerns you may have about the art or tattooing process.

Alternative Connection also boasts Brevard’s largest selection of tobacco-friendly products and smoking accessories in the Melbourne area. This head shop prides itself on not offering cheap, foreign-made smoking accessories so you can be certain that your products are topnotch and made to last. With a wide selection of quality products such as wraps, papers, and quality glass pipes at excellent prices, Alternative Connection has what you need to enjoy your tobacco in style without breaking the bank.

Other products this shop offers includes steel, wood, and quality glass pipes at excellent prices as well as smokers, hookahs, water pipes, vaporizers, and much more. They also carry detoxification products, alternative energy and relaxation products, digital scales, incense, oils, burners, knives, and exotic gifts. They also proudly sell products from the most popular sellers such as Pure, ADS, Twisted, Kaos, Sky Glass, Bio-hazard, Graffix, Helix, and many more.

Alternative Connection’s Smoke Shop Product Highlights Include:

• Pipes & Smokers Articles
• Hookahs
• Water pipes
• Scientific glass, bra!
• Rolling papers and blunt wraps
• Vaporizers!
• Scales Starting At $4.99
• Electronic Scales Starting At $19.99

Customers tout Alternative Connection’s laid-back atmosphere, unique products, great customer service, talented piercing and tattoo work, and high quality jewelry for reasonable prices. Stop in today, get pierced, check out the head shop, or book an appointment for your next custom tattoo!

Alternative Connection is open Monday through Saturday from 11 AM to 8 PM and Sundays from 11 AM to 5 PM.

For more information, please contact:

Alternative Connection
3150 S Babcock St Melbourne, FL 32901
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