Atlas V GPS IIF-7-planet

Atlas V GPS IIF-7 Night Launch Panoramic

Atlas V GPS IIF-7 Night Launch Panoramic.

On August 1, 2014 United Launch Alliance successfully launched an Atlas V rocket with the GPS IIF-7 into orbit. We were at the Exploration Tower located at the busy Port Canaveral, Florida when we captured the below long exposure 360° spherical panoramic image of the Atlas V rocket launch. Using the long exposure photography technique we are able to capture a full arch of the rocket streak as the rocket blasts into orbit.

Click here to view the image full screen or in virtual reality mode.

Rocket launch viewed on Google Cardboard.

Below you can see the “Little Planet” we created from the 360° night panoramic.

Atlas V GPS IIF-7-planet
Biz360Tours is the only photography company producing these amazing long exposure 360° panoramic images of night time rocket launches. Here is another rocket launch we captured at night in full 360°.  If you would like to purchase a print, email us at or call 321-210-1910

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