Boost Customer Interaction With A Google My Business Post

Add A Post To Your Google My Business Listing.

Recently Google released a new feature for verified Google My Business listings. This new feature allows businesses share information via a post. This Google My Business post shows up in the Google Search results in the knowledge graph. You can see this in the example search result for Biz360Tours below. 

These posts are similar to a Facebook post. However, this being Google, the posts show up on the Google Search Results page. 

You can easily share things such as an event, reserve a room or seat in your restaurant, sign up for a newsletter or other service, buy a product, or click to get an offer. Each of these posts can link to a landing page or your website.

Biz360Tours Google My Business Post
Google Adds Posts To Google My Business Listings

Not only can you quickly share new information with customers and potential customers, these Google My Business posts can help boost your rankings. While not a significant ranking factor, Google posts with other SEO tactics can help raise you to the first page of Google.

Biz360Tours Google My Business Posts

Do you want to make your Google My Business listing stand out and attract more views? Call Biz360Tours to add a Street View virtual tour to your business profile. 

Google My Business Post Statistics

The Google My Business dashboard makes it easy to know how your posts are performing. This way you can test to see which kinds of post your customers respond to the most. Below you can see how one of our client’s posts was viewed more than 11,000 times and had 11 people click to learn more about their sales event. 

Google My Business Post with more than 11,000 views
Google My Business Post Statistics

Here you can see how the Google My Business post will display in the Google Search results in the knowledge graph. A well-designed post will generate more click-through traffic. Test different types of posts to see which ones produce the most interest or desired result.

Go ahead and log into your Google My Business dashboard and share a post. 

If you don’t have a verified Google My Business listing give us a call. We will set up your listing, verify it with Google instantly (We are Google Trusted Verifiers) and then optimize your listing to outperform your competition. 

You can tell if a Google My Business listing is verified, quickly and easily. Using Google, search for the business name. If the listing is not verified, it will say “Claim this listing” or “Own this Business,” if you see either of those when searching for your business, give us a call

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or reach out to us via email, phone or even on Google’s new messaging feature right in Search Results. We will have to write a whole blog on the Google My Business Messenger feature.

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