City of Murals Lake Placid, Florida

Lake Placid, The City of Murals.

On March 20th we took a road trip to Lake Placid to view and photograph the murals painted on buildings throughout the city. We arrived in the small town around 3 in the afternoon and by that time the sunny day had turned cloudy. We managed to view about a dozen of the murals scattered throughout the city during our short trip. You can view some of the murals in the 360-degree panoramic images we captured as well as the standard still images below.

The murals are painted with great detail in each scene. You can see that attention to detail in the close-up images below.

Photos of the murals around the city.

Lake Placid, Florida - City of Murals
115 Megapixel High Resolution panoramic of the “History of the Orange in Florida” Mural

Lake Placid is a town in Highlands County, Florida, United States. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated the town’s population as 1,878 on 1 July 2007. Even though the town is small there are many things to do and see. The city boast more than 40 murals throughout downtown and surrounding areas. Found in the lake-intensive center of the state and known as the City of Murals, the small city has 27 freshwater lakes, beautiful murals around town that depict its history, Toby’s Clown School, and the historic Happiness Tower that rises 270 feet above ground.

With over 40 murals around Lake Placid, we plan on going back to photograph all the murals and add them to the virtual tour above.

Another “Roadside attraction” we photographed on this road trip was a piece of military hardware outside the Army National Guard building in Avon Park. While on road trips we enjoy stretching our legs and seeing the cool and interesting things around the towns we visit. One really interesting roadside attraction was the Last Navaho Missile in existence located outside the main gate to the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

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