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Creative Inspiration Journey School

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Creative Inspiration Journey School

By: JW
Creative Inspiration Journey School offers an early childhood educational program inspired by the Reggio Emilia in Italy—according to Newsweek, one of “The Ten Best Schools in the World” in the Early Childhood category. Creative Inspiration Journey School opened its doors to the Space Coast in the summer of 2014 and provides a premier early childhood educational program for newborns, infants, toddlers, pre-school, FREE VPK, private kindergarten, before/after school care, and summer programs. This innovative school boasts quality child care services, a superb education with an advanced project-based curriculum for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years old, highly qualified teachers, and low teacher/student ratios. In addition, the school is environmentally friendly and features a butterfly house and gardens where children can explore nature and the life cycle firsthand.

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Reggio Emilia is a city in Northern Italy where the highly successful Reggio approach was founded by Loris Malaguzzi (“Guiding Genius of Reggio”) after World War II. The Reggio philosophy has made an impact worldwide through the “Hundred Languages of Children” traveling exhibitions. Creative Inspiration Journey School is a member of NAREA (North America Reggio Emilia Alliance) and the school’s Reggio-inspired curriculum has allowed its educational innovators to take the best philosophies from world-renowned educators and integrate them into a unique curriculum designed to meet the developmental needs of each student, targeting their independent learning level.

Creative Inspiration Journey School promotes self-discovery, social interaction, expression, exploration and imagination in a friendly and safe atmosphere. The curriculum is well-balanced and designed to foster each child’s growth in social, physical, cognitive, and emotional development.  It allows room for teacher-directed and child-directed activities that utilize critical thinking skills, communication and collaboration. Above all, Creative Inspiration Journey School’s goal is to provide a warm and loving atmosphere in which children can grow, learn, and grow to love learning.

The school promotes peer teaching, which is a great tool to help students succeed. Students who attend the school are capable of empathy and able to recognize different emotions and the intentions of others at a very young age.  They are able to construct complex communication strategies through the “hundred different languages”, and can give complex meanings of his/her experiences. Students can dialogue together in sophisticated forms as very young children. They share, develop and progress together as they produce theories that lead to experimentation and creativity.

Creative Inspiration Journey School works hard to ensure that a positive relationship between each teacher and child. Not only do the educators at this school take the time to get to know each child on a one on one basis, but they enter into a unique partnership with each student that allows them to engage in learning together by guiding each other through experiences and open-ended discovery. The curriculum allows for an atmosphere where respect is a mutual experience for both students and teachers.

The school believes that if an interesting and challenging program is offered, then discipline problems are minimal.  If problem behavior does occur, they begin with a positive approach with the idea that the purpose of discipline is to teach self-discipline, and that discipline should rely on inductive methods of explanation, reinforcement and modeling, rather than punishment. Teachers and parents work together to deal with problem behavior, while the teacher helps the child identify his/her problem behavior and possible alternatives. Some specific disciplinary techniques that teachers may use include Redirection, Reinforcing good behavior, and “Think time” within their area. Children are taught that there is a safe and quiet area within the classroom where they can go to gain control of their emotions. The teacher models use of the ‘think time’ area, and explains situations where it might be used. Going to the ‘think time” area is voluntary, but may be suggested by the teacher.

The school’s environmental approach to integrating subject matter into the curriculum aides in a true understanding and teaches children respect for the earth. Their curriculum reinforces critical thinking and true comprehension so that students actually understand what they are learning and can apply it to the real world. Students learn best through a hands on approach, therefore, students at Creative Inspiration Journey School are encouraged to explore their environment and express themselves through movement, drawing, painting, reading, writing, building, sculpting, shadow play, collage, drama play, and music among many other communicative and cognitive means. They are not rushed from one activity to the next, but instead are encouraged to repeat key experiences, delve further into subject matter, continue multiple observations, consider and reconsider, represent and re-represent.

The history of the school’s creation and development is interesting. In September of 2012, Patty Marquis, M.S., Early Childhood Educator began sharing her philosophy and vision of opening an innovative school with friends, family members, and the community.  Her vision stemmed back years ago when she visited her very first Reggio inspired school in Troy, Ohio. In early 2013, interested partners began sharing the same vision as well as a building location site.  Excited to bring quality education to the community, Patty Marquis continued researching other Reggio-inspired schools around the country who could help support the school in its endeavor.

In early 2014, the school joined NAREA (North America Reggio Emilia Alliance) and participated in its first Reggio Emilia conference located in South Carolina. This was the very first conference NAREA held that worked in collaboration with the “Hundred Languages of Children” exhibit. By the summer of that year, the school had secured their building, begun renovations, and started developing the most innovative school in the area. The school had its Grand Opening on August 30, 2014.

Creative Inspiration Journey School offers:

  • Private Kindergarten
  • Free VPK (Voluntary Pre- Kindergarten)
  • Highest level of child care services
  • High quality full-time and part-time educational programs
  • Before and after school program (including transportation to and from area schools)
  • Homework assistance
  • Field trips (including transportation to and from)
  • Extracurricular training provided by local businesses
  • Summer Camp
  • Parents night out

For more information, please contact:
Creative Inspiration Journey School
780 East State Rd 434 Winter Springs, FL  32708
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