Real Estate Website For Perrone Properties

Custom Real Estate Website Build for Perrone Properties.

We recently built a real estate website for a local landlord and developer in Merritt Island, Florida. Perrone Properties recently hired us to create a brand new website that was modern, mobile friendly and that could rank in the saturated real estate search results. 

perrone properties logo for their custom real estate website
Perrone Properties Logo

We decided on a layout and went to work on customizing almost every aspect of the site, from custom navigation menus in the header and footer, custom search features and even update some of the photos of their properties including 360 VR content

First we started with the basic pages and built the home page, about us, and blog page. Then we started creating all the custom property pages with photos, property descriptions, photos, floor plans and even some 360 degree virtual tours. We packed these property detail pages full of useful information for both users and search engines. 

After creating about twenty property pages we started on the custom search features. This custom search will allow users to search for properties in many categories to help them find the perfect property for their business. Website users can narrow down properties that are more for their industry, size of property, location or even if the location is available, available coming soon or if it is off the market. 

With the bulk of the site done we continued to add all the individual property detail pages and tweaking the site for local SEO. This meant adding in specific SEO content on each of the 125 plus property detail pages, and main pages so the site could rank in all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

Perrone Properties website on a on a desktop computer
Perrone Properties website on a on a desktop computer
Perrone Properties website on a mobile device
Perrone Properties website on a mobile device

Check out their website by visiting

You can also see inside their office with this amazing 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video we created.

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