Doc's Bait House Merritt Island, Florida

Doc’s Bait House

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Doc’s Bait House

Doc’s Bait House

By: Jessica Housand-Weaver
Florida is a fisherman’s paradise with millions of acres of lakes, ponds, reservoirs, fishable rivers, streams, and canals. It is also noted for its mangroves, salt marshes, and oceans teeming with game fish. The World Famous Doc’s Bait House is located at one of Florida’s Best fishing spots on the Indian River Lagoon in Merritt Island—the saltwater trout capital of the world! This local, family-owned bait shop offers the best bait and tackle available for any kind of fishing you would like to do and is well-known as having some of the friendliest service in the area. Doc’s Bait House also has a pool table, small lounge area, and a deck overlooking the water where visitors can relax, enjoy a cold beer, and featured entertainment.

Using the Google Maps Street View technology, take a 360 degree virtual tour around “Doc’s Bait House” now, courtesy of Biz360Tours (see above) in Panoramic (Pano) High Definition (HD) and view some of the useful and effective fishing items this bait store offers.

Merritt Island possesses a rich history and Doc’s Bait House has been part of the local community since the mid-1900s. The owner of Doc’s Bait House is Tom Norwood, known as the fourth Doc, since he is the fourth individual in the family to own Doc’s Bait House. Doc’s great-grandfather was a cavalryman in the Civil War from the state of Georgia. He surrendered along with General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox. After the war, he settled in Titusville, Florida in 1868 with his fifteen children. In 1939, Doc’s father purchased the property in Merritt Island for Doc’s Bait House and made Doc’s Bait House part of the local scenery. Doc and his siblings grew up on the property and watched the area change and grow over the years as roads, buildings, and the population of Merritt Island increased.

Doc’s Bait House is the only bait store within an eight mile radius for prospective fishers in the area. It is also the only bait store within twenty-three miles that offers live fresh water minnows to enhance your fishing experience. People from all over the world have visited the bait store and praise its welcoming hospitality. Doc’s Bait House is well-stocked with beer and wine, so you can have a cool drink, cast a net, and enjoy the free food and music at their jam sessions, chili cook-offs, or fishing contests.

The most popular game fish catch in the area is spotted sea trout. The trout season kicks off in January with many people boasting nice catches using bait and lure from Doc’s Bait House. In fact, inside Doc’s Bait House you will find a Wall of Honor with pictures of customers who have lived and died in the area and chronicles their fishing successes.

Choosing the correct tackle and bait is critical to your own fishing successes. Doc is very friendly and knowledgeable. He understands fish behavior and can help you choose the best bait for different situations and your desired catch. He will also be happy to offer you a map and show you the best places to fish and how deep to fish so you can nab that perfect catch.

Fishing tackle is essential to get your bait or lure out to the fish. You may also want to use a bobber or float so that you can alter the depth of your bait under the surface of the water. Additionally, acquiring large amounts of line will allow you to cast your bait or lure farther, retrieve your lures efficiently, fish in deeper water, and bring in larger fish more easily. However, saltwater tackle requires special equipment because saltwater corrodes aluminum, steel, and iron parts. For this reason, saltwater tackle parts are usually made of stainless steel or nickel chrome to avoid corrosion and can range from ultra-light inshore fishing equipment or heavy tackle for deep-sea fishing.

Various types of live bait sold at Doc’s Bait House will help you catch fish. Pick up your bait on the way to your fishing spot. If you have questions, the staff at Doc’s Bait House will be happy to help.

Worms are an excellent bait choice for most freshwater and saltwater fishing. Live minnows are small baitfish that need to be stored in a minnow bucket out of the sun with plenty of cool, clean, non-chlorinated water during the fishing trip to keep them alive. As long as they are lively and moving around on the hook, they make excellent bait. It is a good decision to purchase a minnow buckets with a battery operated aerator to keep the water oxygen-rich while you fish. Some fisherman suggest that if the day is very hot, the minnow bucket should be placed in your cooler with some ice to keep the water temperature comfortable for the minnows. It is important that they remain active to attract the larger fish that you want to catch. Shrimp, on the other hand, can be used as bait either alive or dead to catch saltwater fish.

You may want to choose a lure when you go fishing. There are seven main types of lures including jigs, spinners, spoons, soft plastic baits, plugs, spinnerbaits, and flies. Lures have some benefits over bait such as being less messy, gut-hooking fewer fish, allowing you to cover more water when fishing from shore or a pier, the ability to target the species you are after more efficiently, and being easier to change out. The disadvantages of choosing a lure over bait is that lures can be more expensive when compared to bait and can get snagged on underwater obstacles or in trees, making the loss of a lure more costly to you.

Doc’s sells a full line of tackle and live bait such as shrimp, fiddler crab, pigfish, mud minnows, pinfish, Missouri minnows, shiner, wiggler red worms, nightcrawlers, and mullet. Stop by Doc’s today to pick up your bait choice and go catch the next big one!


For more information, please contact:

Doc’s Bait House
588 W Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt Island, FL 32952


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