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Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery

Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour.

Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery in Indiatlanic, Florida invites you inside their tattoo parlor on Google Maps with a virtual tour powered by Google’s Street View technology. With Google Maps Business View, Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery joins a select group of tattoo shops in Brevard County with this incredible technology. You can view  Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery’s Business View virtual tour on smartphones, tablets and of course your internet connected PC. You can find their tour below or you can view it on their Google Plus listing, Google Maps, Google Earth and you can find in Google Search.

Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery

by: Chris Lopez

Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery is located in the heart of Canova Beach in Melbourne, FL and is the farthest thing from your average tattoo parlor. Typically, the thought of blaring rock music and menacing skull and dagger designs galore is what first comes to mind, but this isn’t what Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery is about. The shop strives to emit a professional atmosphere that more closely resembles what you may expect to see in an art gallery. From its polished hardwood floors to its eclectic décor, Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery offers an experience like no other. The shop is the pride and joy of artists Mike B and Casey Webster.

Mike B, both the owner and an artist at Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery has had a passion for the art since his early days as a child. As a youngster he would sketch and draw out his favorite toys in 2D outlines, of which were made possible by his grandmother Janet Bush, who always made sure Mike had an outlet for his creativity. Till this day Mike claims that his grandmother has been his biggest supporter in his passion for the art.

Before becoming a tattoo artist, Mike worked several jobs outside of the field before eventually getting into a Graphic Design career in 2004. Mike worked as a graphic designer for 6 years until he made the decision to enlist in the US Air force; unfortunately Mike was turned away due to his heavily tattooed arms. But when one door shut, another one opened, and Mike saw the experience as an opportunity to truly express his pride and passion for illustrated expression. In 2009, he began an apprenticeship at Da Vinci Tattoo Shop in Titusville, FL under mentors Dan Ladan and Terry stores; whom Mike claims truly enabled him to unlock his potential as an artist. Fast forward 5 years, and Mike has created the product of all his hard work and dedication, Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery.

Casey Webster, another talented artist at Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery began his professional journey into the field of illustrated expression 5 years prior to becoming a member of the team. Casey is a jack of all trades tattoo artist and has been recognized as one of the most well rounded assets to the shop.

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When starting the virtual tour of Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery, the viewer will begin at the front door of the shop and will have access to a complete 360 degree panoramic view. Upon entry, a relaxed and professional lounge/waiting area consisting of modern contemporary décor can be seen. The viewer will see the distinct red couches, hardwood floors, and the vibrant and unique photographs scattered across the walls of the shop as if they were physically there. A few steps to the right and the viewer will get their first glimpse of the work area as well as a new perspective on the aforementioned lounge area. The tour then proceeds to guide the user directly into the heart of Honor Ink Tattoo Gallery, where through the use of the convenient 360 degree panoramic view the viewer can see the unique tattoo workstations of artists Mike B and Casey Webster. Conclusively, the tour gives one final 360 panoramic view of the shop before coming to an end, assuring that the viewer received a thorough and unique virtual tour of the establishment.

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