Downloading Your Images From Google Drive. 

Once your images are ready to be downloaded, we will email you a link to the pictures that are located in a shared folder on Google Drive’s Cloud storage. Below is a quick tutorial on how you can retrieve the images once they are done.  

There are a couple of different methods to download your images, and we will show you two quick and easy ways you can get your pictures downloaded and posted where you would like. 


How To download your images from Google Drive
How To download your images from Google Drive


Method 1: Shared Folder Access

  1. Log into your Google account on
  2. In the left window pane, click on the third tab labeled “Shared with me.”
  3. After clicking on the “Shared with me” section, you will find all the files that have been shared with you. Navigate to the folder with the job name.
  4. Now that you have located the shared folder with your images, right click on the folder and select “Download.”
  5. Google will automatically zip the file and start the downloading process. 
  6. The folder will be saved in the downloads folder on your computer. 


Method 2: Link Access

  1. Click on the link we emailed you. This will open the shared Google Drive folder.
  2. Since you will most likely not have an account or not be signed into your account, you will have to click into the folder where the images are stored and click the “Download All” button in the top right menu. 

You can watch the short video above, to see how to download the images using both methods.