How To Prepare Your Real Estate Listing Before The Photo Shoot.

Please consider that your listing will appear in High-Quality imagery on the web. Therefore stage the listing as you wish to be viewed. Here are a few suggestions.


Curb appeal:

  • Clean any debris from the yard such as palm fronds and loose trash.
  • Have grass mowed if possible 24hrs in advance.
  • Trash bins should be hidden/out of view from the front of the home.
  • Cars should be put in the garage or removed from the driveway.
  • Close all windows
  • Sweep walkways
  • Remove all hoses
  • Arrange deck furniture
  • Clean pool and pool area


  • Straighten pictures or artwork on walls.
  • Replace light bulbs that are not working.
  • Clean the areas where you want to be photographed to your satisfaction.
  • Remove or cover files, secure documents and or anything with private information showing. (We will do our best to protect your privacy, and we blur all family photos that are on the wall.)
  • Organize desks/counters
  • Clean/Mop/Vacuum floors.
  • Touch up paint if needed.
  • Clean windows.
  • Organize bookshelves.
  • Stage the rooms to your satisfaction
  • Move items you wish not to be seen, to other places or closets
  • Ceiling fans turned off
  • Turn TVs off
  • Hide pet dishes, toys, and beds
  • Empty or hide trash bins


  • Remove items from refrigerator door
  • Store food in cabinets
  • Stow small appliances
  • Hide soaps, cleaning items
  • Hide dish towels and sponges
  • Clear sink of dishes

Dining Room:

  • Straighten chairs 
  • Set the table for dinner (no food just plates/silverware/napkins)
  • Add a vase of flowers or other centerpieces


  • Make beds
  • Put away clothes, shoes, and other personal items
  • Clear surfaces of clutter
  • Organize shelves
  • Clean under bed


  • Clean glass and mirrors
  • Hang clean/fresh towels
  • Clear counters of toiletries
  • Clean toilet and close lid
  • Remove items from shower and tub

*Residents; Please notify all residents that there will be a photo shoot taking place at the scheduled time.