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Island Root Kava Bar

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Island Root Kava Bar

By: Jessica Housand-Weaver

Island Root Kava Bar is surfer-owned-and-operated and a fantastic venue to relax and enjoy a delightful South Pacific kava experience in Historic Downtown Melbourne, Florida. This place offers enticing flavors, great conversation, a quick bite, and drinks with a soothing effect on your mind, body, and soul.

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Kava is an ancient crop and has been consumed for thousands of years throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures of Polynesia, including Hawaii, Vanuatu, Melanesia, and some areas of Micronesia and Australia. The roots of the plant are used to produce a drink that when digested has both sedative and anesthetic properties.

Today, in the South Pacific kava remains a popular social drink. Its use is very similar to the consumption of alcohol by Western societies, though kava devotees assert that the kava drink relaxes without disrupting mental clarity. The popularity of the kava drink has influenced the development of modern urban kava bars throughout the Pacific Islands and the world, where both locals and tourists gather together to partake of the South Pacific’s most ancient and popular drink. Island Root Kava Bar strives to share only the best, top-quality kava products while imparting the culture and laid-back atmosphere of these beautiful island nations.

Kava is consumed in a variety of ways throughout the cultures and islands of the Pacific Ocean. Traditionally, the kava drink is prepared by either chewing, grinding, or pounding the roots of the kava plant and then adding the ground root to water. The traditional method for grinding the kava root has been to use a mortar and pestle such as one’s hand against a cone-shaped block of dead coral. The kava root can also be pounded into a powder using a large stone and a small log.

It is common for Fijians to share a drink called grog. The drink is created by pounding sun-dried kava root into a fine powder, then straining and mixing it with cool water. It is traditional for grog to be drunk from the shorn half-shell of a coconut. Grog is very popular in Fiji, especially among young men, and is considered to be a social drink, bringing people together for storytelling and socializing. After a few hours of drinking grog, a numbing and relaxing effect is produced for the drinker and the drink is also known to numb the tongue. For this reason, grog drinking is typically followed by a ‘chaser’ such as a sweet or spicy snack.

Kava is still used for medicinal, religious, political, and cultural purposes throughout the Pacific. The South Pacific cultures venerate the plant and place a high degree of importance on it. In Fiji, for example, a formal kava ceremony often accompanies important social, political, and religious functions. The ceremonies will usually involve a ritual presentation of the kava’s bundled roots as a gift followed by drinking kava drinks.

Kava is touted as an alternative herbal medicine with a wide variety of medicinal applications. It is consumed to calm anxiety, stress, restlessness, and to treat sleep problems such as insomnia. It is also used for attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), epilepsy, psychosis, depression, migraines and other headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), the common cold and other respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, muscle pain, and even cancer prevention. Kava has also been traditionally used in the South Pacific as a painkiller, so another touted medicinal benefit of kava is that of an analgesic. Indigenous islanders still use kava to treat symptoms such as arthritis pain and to reduce overall chronic pain, to treat menstrual discomfort, to relieve tension and pain in muscles, and to treat asthma and urinary tract infections. Kava is sometimes applied to the skin for skin diseases such as leprosy, to promote wound healing, and as a painkiller. It is even used as a mouthwash for canker sores and toothaches.

The active compounds within the kava plant are called kavalactones. These psychoactive compounds have an effect on the brain as well as other areas of the central nervous system. Some studies on the effects of kava on the nervous system demonstrate that kava can potentially benefit people who suffer from social anxiety and stress by calming them in a similar way as benzodiazepine medications such as Valium. Oddly, while kavalactones do seem to affect the same pathways in the brain as Valium, kavalactones do not appear to impair the ability to think and reason clearly the way benzodiazepine medications do, nor do they seem to make most users drowsy when consumed in smaller doses.

Side effects of kava use have been reported, especially at higher doses, so it is always wise for inexperienced users to moderate their intake. Because slight impairment of coordination and drowsiness can occur at these higher doses, it is advised that drinkers do not drive after taking kava in any form. As always, consult a doctor before using any herb as medical treatment.

Island Root Kava Bar offers enticing, exotic drinks such as the original Vanuatu, the Melbomb (pina colada, cherry, Vanuatu), the Boca (apple juice and kava concentrate), the Ed Shell (Vanuatu and kava concentrate), and Aromatea. They also serve up comfort foods like hot dogs, sausages, and chips.

Island Root Kava Bar really is one of the best places in Melbourne to sit back and unwind. Melbourne, perched beside the Indian River Lagoon along Florida’s Space Coast, offers unspoiled beaches and plenty of outdoor recreational activities like fishing, golf, snorkeling, along with sunshine and tropical breezes. The city also boasts a variety of shopping, restaurants, and quaint venues like the Island Root Kava Bar in Historic Downtown Melbourne. After enjoying your delicious kava drink at Island Root Kava Bar, take a stroll along sunny beaches or enjoy the shade under tree-lined streets with a great selection of local shops.

For more information, please contact:

Island Root Kava Bar
1900 Municipal Ln Melbourne, FL 32901
(321) 914-0914

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