Melbourne BMW

Melbourne BMW Virtual Tour

Melbourne BMW Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour.

Take an virtual walk-through of Melbourne BMW using Google Maps Street View. Google has now expanded the Street View program into local businesses and showcasing the “See Inside” feature on Google Search results, Google Maps and more.

To navigate the virtual tour, click and drag your mouse left, right, up or down. You can also use your arrow keys.



Melbourne BMW

Written by, Christopher Lopez

Melbourne BMW is Brevard County’s preferred BMW dealership, and has operated as a family owned business with a strong commitment to superb customer service for over 35 years. The dealership is located on 1432 S. Harbor City Blvd in Melbourne, FL, and is the only exclusive authorized BMW dealership on the Space Coast. At Melbourne BMW customers have access to an expansive selection of new and pre-owned automobile inventory as well as an exceptional sales team, and a state of the art service facility.

At Melbourne BMW, prospective buyers will have an array of financing options available to them. To begin the financing process, an online financing application can be filled out on the Melbourne BMW website. The form requests basic contact information as well as an option for the desired purchasing timeframe. The pre-established timeframes range from one day to two years, so applicants can choose the best option for their financial situation. Once the form has been completed and submitted, a financing team member will contact the applicant to complete the process. Melbourne BMW will also regularly list seasonal financing offers for select vehicles which can be viewed throughout the year. Additionally, buyers interested in a leasing option can find an assortment of vehicles listed in the ‘Lease Offers’ section of the website. Each lease offer has a pre-determined first month payment, down payment, security deposit, and cash due at signing amount that incorporates all fees associated to the offers.

Customers looking to trade in a vehicle towards the purchase of a newer model can utilize Melbourne BMW’s  online car appraisal application, powered by The application will request basic information about the vehicle including year, make, model, and style, as well as information regarding usage such as mileage and condition. Once necessary information has been obtained, the user will be provided with a ‘True Market Value’ estimate of their vehicle.

Prospective customers at Melbourne BMW may also wish to browse the dealership’s vast online inventory of both new and pre-owned vehicles. New vehicles are indexed and compiled into a multi-page listing. Customers can sort the vehicles by model year, color, and price; vehicles can also be searched for by a combination of variables including year, model, body styles, price, and series. Listings can be saved for future viewing, or compared side by side with others vehicles. Customers searching for pre-owned vehicles will also have an array of searching and sorting options at their disposal. Primarily, vehicles in the owned section will be divided into either ‘pre-owned’ or ‘certified pre-owned’. From there, listings will include information regarding engine type, drivetrain, transmission type, and interior/exterior colors and styles. Like in the new vehicle inventory, pre-owned listings can be sorted by several variables including mileage; customers can also search for vehicles under a variety of search criteria. Once customers have decided on a vehicle and completed the purchase, they will have full access to Melbourne BMW’s professional service center.

Melbourne BMW’s service facility is equipped with highly trained BMW specialists who are fully committed to the maintenance and upkeep of customer vehicles. Services can be scheduled online by filling out a brief form, where upon submission customers will receive a list of time slots available to them. The service center routinely distributes coupons for service specials such as wheel alignments, oil services, and meticulous interior/exterior detailing jobs on the dealership’s website.

Biz360Tours, a Google Street View certified and trusted photography company recently photographed a virtual tour for Melbourne BMW of Melbourne, FL. Biz360Tours specializes in creating virtual tours for businesses. A virtual tour is comprised of 360 degree panoramic photography that allows potential customers to gain an enhanced viewing experience of a business before visiting the establishment. Tours will typically start at the entrance of the facility, and will continue throughout the building to provide the viewer with a multitude of viewing angles.

Businesses that purchase a virtual tour will automatically become members of the Google Maps Street View program. The program is designed to assist businesses with improving and expanding their online presence. Every member of the Google Maps Street View program will receive a unique Google+ listing. Listings will contain valuable information about the business (hours, photos, virtual tour, and additional information). The visibility of the Google+ listing opens the door to a realm of beneficial marketing and networking opportunities. Tours can be viewed on Smartphones, tablets, desktop, and laptop computers.

Businesses that take advantage of the services offered by Biz360Tours are granted a means of increasing visibility that is far more efficient than traditional advertisement methods. A series of high definition still images are taken by a professional photographer and are later compiled into a virtual tour, powered by Google Street View Technology. Each tour fully utilizes Biz360Tour’s staple 360 degree panoramic photography. Businesses are photographed from a variety of angles to create a complete and thorough viewing experience. Business owners can embed their virtual tours into a company website through the inclusion of an HTML code snippet. Additionally, businesses may also attach the tours in emails by pasting the URL. Committing to a virtual tour will allow businesses to gain a competitive edge that is unmatched. Allowing prospective customers to explore the environment of an establishment will enable the business to consistently put on its best first impression.  All businesses that purchase a tour will fully exist locally through the means of the Google+ local listing, and an enhanced viewing experience.

When starting the virtual tour of Melbourne BMW, the viewer will start at the entrance of the facility. A full view of the main showroom can be seen, with surrounding areas to both the left and right in clear accessible view. The tour proceeds further into the showroom, providing access to a full 360 degree view throughout. From there, the viewer is brought into the second portion of the main showroom with a view of the second floor as well as the main office area in the distance. The tour proceeds through the main service desk as well as the customer longue before coming to a thorough and complete end.



Below are the Google Maps Street View point of interest images for Melbourne BMW offers virtual tour photography in Brevard County, Orange County, Volusia County, Indian River County, Seminole County, Osceola County, Lake County, Flagler County and more. For more information on our Google Maps Street View virtual tours call our office at 321-210-1910. We also provide virtual tours to Real Estate Professionals.