mercury redstone rocket at the Kennedy space center in Florida.

Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle

Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle Virtual Tour.

360-degree interactive virtual tour of the Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle as it sits vertical at the Kennedy Space Center badging office. The rocket stands at 83 feet not far from the main gate at the Space Complex in Florida and can be seen from the near by Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center.

The panoramic image is best viewed in fullscreen

The Mercury-Redstone launch vehicle was designed for NASA’s Project Mercury during the 1960’s, and was the first American manned space booster. The launch vehicle was used for six sub-orbit launches. The Mercury-Redstone launch vehicle was used to launch the first, second and third Americans into space.

A member of the Redstone rocket family, the launch vehicle is dirived from the United States Army’s Redstone ballistic missile and the first stage being related to the Jupiter-C launch vehicle. The whole rocket had to be modified and improved to be human-rated for safe space travel.

Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle on

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