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The Mint Mermaid

See inside The Mint Mermaid in Historic Cocoa Village, Florida with Google Business View, a 360-degree virtual tour using Street View technology.

The Mint Mermaid

By: Jessica Housand-Weaver

Cocoa Village is a popular historic riverside destination on Florida’s Space Coast complete with gourmet restaurants and specialty shops lining quaint, treed streets. The Mint Mermaid is an eclectic family-owned retail boutique nestled within this charming Floridian community, specializing in a wide variety of intriguing goods including original jewelry and accessories, home and garden accents, baby goods, paper products, and unique gifts. This really is a ‘green’ shop as many of the products offered at The Mint Mermaid are either organic, made locally, made in the USA, handmade, eco-friendly, fair trade, or specially designed by The Mint Mermaid.

The two sisters who own The Mint Mermaid, Naomi and Jessica, truly value the high quality of their products as well as the experience that shoppers have when visiting the store, looking through the merchandise, and sharing stories. Naomi and Jessica take pride in owning a shop in the busy tourist town of Cocoa Village and becoming a part of the memories that families create while vacationing on the Space Coast.

Using the Google Maps Business View technology, take a 360 degree virtual tour around “The Mint Mermaid” now, courtesy of Biz360Tours (see above) in Panoramic (Pano) High Definition (HD) and view some of the cool items this store offers.

The Mint Mermaid is definitely known for being a fun place to visit and search for the perfect gift. The sisters of The Mint Mermaid are playful, lighthearted women whose strengths complement one another and allowed them to build a thriving business together. Naomi is a night owl who graduated from med school and taught science in public school, but is hopeless with directions, teases Jessica about her 99 hair ribbons, and is wary of jelly fish. Jessica is an early bird who graduated from Parsons and designed handbags in Manhattan, but is hopeless with plants, teases Naomi about her 99 cleaning products, organizes her ribbons by size and color, and is afraid of sharks. Both sisters admit to being a little nerdy, a little neurotic, hopeless without coffee, and loving mermaids.

The story of the Mint Mermaid begins with the family’s yearly summer vacations renting a condo in a small Florida beach town during the sisters’ childhood. During those days, the family abandoned their electronic devices and just enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. While basking in the sun at the edge of the sea under idling clouds and blue skies, the two sisters dreamed big. These vacations continued over the years until one year, while biking together to the pier, they decided to open a boutique.

For two women who had set off with very different careers in different states and missed seeing each other on a regular basis, The Mint Mermaid was the perfect way to live out their childhood dreams. Since both women loved designing, planning, creating, and looking for the perfect gift, they found that drawing up the plans for The Mint Mermaid was a rewarding experience. Their dreams of working together recently became a reality with the opening of The Mint Mermaid.

The name of The Mint Mermaid also has an interesting history. Both sisters are self-declared ‘word nerds’ who love the combination of nouns with unexpected colors. They definitely wanted the shop’s name to include a noun and color of its own and to allude to their home on the coast of Florida. They sought out a name that might suggest an experience that is a little out of the ordinary. They decided on The Mint Mermaid because the mermaid is coastal, whimsical, and enchanting and the color mint is fresh and uplifting, with the color green being reminiscent of spring and nature. They appreciated the multi-faceted word ‘mint’ for the name of an eclectic boutique because of its various idyllic definitions including: [n] a confection flavored with peppermint or spearmint, [adj] being in its original, unused condition, [v] as if newly made, and to create or invent.

When the name of the shop was decided, Jessica began to design the mermaid logo. The logo for The Mint Mermaid would go through even more iterations than the shop did with its name. The mermaid’s tail took days of work and dozens of sketches to get perfect. The particular hue of mint for the logo required hours scrutinizing various color charts. The mermaid design also evolved based on feedback from others, such as a male friend’s request to add a little more curve to the mermaid on the final sketch.

These dedicated sisters spent four weeks drinking caffeine, wielding paint brushes and power tools (including tools they didn’t know existed), with dirty knees, paint in their hair, and unfashionable safety googles, in an effort to remodel The Mint Mermaid. They required an ample supply of band aids, dumb luck, take-out, and extremely good friends to finish the job. Today, The Mint Mermaid is beautifully renovated with an exciting selection of goods neatly arranged and showcased.

The owners of The Mint Mermaid consider their shop to be not merely ‘stocked’ but ‘curated’. They are always striving to introduce new and unique items to the local area and endeavor to offer products that are not just well-designed but also have a unique story as well. This store is part of the Historic Cocoa Village Association and an exciting addition to bustling Cocoa Village.

The Mint Mermaid provides plenty of inspirations, DIY recommendations, fashion and style explorations, and random amalgamations, along with cute pictures (especially of the ShopDog) in store and in their blog. The blog has a lot of info on the sisters, their story, and the process that they have been through to get The Mint Mermaid open. You can find them on Blogger under The Mint Mermaid.

This charming shop is located on the Southwest corner of 405 Brevard Ave. in historic Cocoa Village. Store front hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. The store is closed on Sundays. Shop hours may change on occasion, so please call, check Facebook, or Twitter for updates.

For more information, please contact:
The Mint Mermaid
405 Brevard Ave Cocoa, FL 32922
(321) 338-6670

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