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Prestige Volkswagen Street View Virtual Tour

Prestige Volkswagen Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour.

Take an immersive 360-degree self-guided virtual tour of Prestige Volkswagen in Melbourne, Florida on Google Maps Street View.

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Prestige Volkswagen of Melbourne, Florida

Written by, Christopher Lopez

Prestige Volkswagen of Melbourne, FL is a family owned business that has been serving Brevard County and surrounding areas for over 35 years. The dealership is located on 1416 S. Harbor City Blvd. in Melbourne FL, and ranks among the top 5% in the nation for the Customer Satisfaction Index. The dealership specializes in both high quality new and used vehicles, and is the largest authorized VW Superstore from Jacksonville to Ft. Pierce.

Prestige Volkswagen is a state of the art facility that features an advanced air conditioning system, a staff of fully certified VW technicians, and highly experienced management.  The dealership also offers warranties for parts and services, multiple service bays, a brand name service center, high quality manufacturer auto parts, convenient hours, and several amenities.  A newly added ‘Xpress Service’  gives customers the luxury of appointment free services such as oil filter changes, brakes, tire balance/rotation, as well as many others. Through their commitment to high quality service, the family owned dealership has earned a reputation for excellent customer service with an average 4.5 star rating out of 5 for customer reviews on the company’s Facebook page.

Prospective buyers will be happy to know that Prestige Volkswagen offers an array of financing options for purchasing vehicles. Customers can apply for either joint or individual financing, and can then specify the desired amount needed for a loan. From there a loan term ranging anywhere from 12 to 240 months can be selected. Following the selection, the customer can then specify an amount for the down payment. An option for trade in vehicles is also available, from which vehicle information will need to be entered for an accurate trade in value. Additionally, the customer will be asked for standard contact information as well as employment information and monthly income. After the form has been completed the customer can hit send. The form will then be viewed by Prestige Volkswagen’s Financing Department. A secure and private credit check will be run based on the information provided, and a team member will contact the customer with potential financing options. Prestige Volkswagen also regularly advertises regional offers for specific vehicles throughout the course of the year.

Customers interested in pre-owned vehicles can explore Prestige Volkswagen’s expansive database full of numerous great offers for both year model and older vehicles.  Each and every listing includes information for the mileage, stock number, exterior and interior colors, engine type, drivetrain, transmission, and fuel economy. Additionally, each listing will also include a Carfax Vehicle History Report that will outline how many owners the vehicle has had, maintenance history, as well as additional information concerning the overall condition of the vehicle. A convenient side bar will allow the customer to refine their search based on a combination of factors such as vehicle type (SUV, Car, Wagon), make, body color, mileage, fuel economy, and several others.

Prestige Volkswagens also provides an excellent service known as Black Book Online , targeted for customers looking to trade in vehicles. Black Book Online is a trusted independent vehicle trade in pricing service that several dealerships across the nation use regularly. When using the service, users will be prompted to enter a few lines of information about the trade in including year, make, model, series, style, color, and mileage. After doing so a screen will appear requesting information about the condition of the vehicle (paint, rust, dents, etc.). At this point the user must simply enter in their contact information and submit the form. Soon after, an associate will contact the customer to confirm a trade in value.

Biz360Tours, a Google Street View certified and trusted photography company recently photographed a virtual tour for Prestige Volkswagen of  Melbourne, FL. Biz360Tours specializes in 360 degree panoramic photography (virtual tours) that allows potential customers to gain an enhanced viewing experience of a business before even stepping a foot inside. Each virtual tour will start at the entrance of the facility and proceed to guide the viewer throughout while offering a plethora of up close and personal viewing angles.

Google Maps Street View is a program designed by Google to help businesses significantly enhance their online presence. Members of Google Maps Street View receive a unique Google+ listing. Each listing consists of valuable information concerning the business, such as hours, customer reviews, and access to images, videos, and a virtual tour. The Google+ listing opens the door to a whole new world of marketing and networking opportunities. Conveniently, virtual tours can be viewed on a variety of devices including Smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptop computers.

Biz360Tours enables businesses to increase their visibility through means far more efficient than traditional advertisement methods. A professional photographer takes a series of high definition still images that are later compiled into a virtual tour, powered by Google Street View Technology. Each and every business is photographed from all key angles to ensure that the viewer gets a through and accurate feel for the business environment. Virtual Tours can also be directly embedded into a company website via an HTML code snippet, or attached in emails by pasting the URL. The competitive edge that businesses will gain upon committing to a virtual tour is unmatched. Prospective customers can explore the environment of an establishment, while the business is consistently able to put on its best first impression.  Biz360Tours guarantees that all businesses that purchase a virtual tour will fully exist locally through the means of the Google+ local listing, and an enhanced viewing experience.

Upon starting the video walk through of Prestige Volkswagen , the viewer will begin in the main foyer of the facility from which they will have access to a 360 degree view of the room.  The tour proceeds to navigate throughout the main showroom, showcasing various display models and decoration; soon after the viewer is brought to the gift shop section of the building, followed by the front office and waiting area. A quick 360 degree rotation offers a full view of the main office. From there, the viewer is lead outside of the front door to the outside entrance and parking lot.

Below are the Google Maps Street View point of interest photos for Prestige Volkswagen offers virtual tour photography in Brevard County, Orange County, Volusia County, Indian River County, Seminole County, Osceola County, Lake County, Flagler County and more. For more information on our Google Maps Business View virtual tours call our office at 321-210-1910. We also provide virtual tours to Real Estate Professionals.