Q-De-Sac Resto-Pub Google Street View Tour

Q-De-Sac Resto-Pub Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour.

While in Quebec for the IVRPA conference we photographed the Q-De-Sac Resto-Pub. This was our first international photo shoot for Google Maps Street View and you can see inside the first floor of the restaurant below on Google Maps below.

Since this restaurant is located in the Old Quebec City area which is mostly a tourist spot, we decided to shoot the business at night where there would be fewer people and movement. The staff at the restaurant was very friendly and the patrons of the business were also very nice and accommodating to us photographing the restaurant.

Q-De-Sac Resto-Pub


Here is a cool 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video we created from the Google Maps Street View tour.

While we were relaxing after the photo shoot, we took a 360° image of the bar on fire, well sort of. When someone purchases a shot of fireball whiskey, the bartender adds a flammable liquid to a trench around the bar and lights it on fire. Check it out below.

You can view the results on Google Maps, their Google My Business listing or even the Google Street View App. You can even view the images with a virtual reality headset such as Google Cardboard.



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