360 Degree VR Video Services

You might be asking yourself, “What is 360 degree VR Video?” and why should I use it in my marketing campaign?” In the this post we will discuss the benefits of utilizing 360 VR video. 

360 degree VR Video

360 degree VR videos are clips displaying a spherical scenario where the camera has recorded all possible angles of the environment. When watching 360 videos, you can interact and choose the content you’re viewing. On a computer, you can view 360 videos with Chrome, Opera or Firefox. Click and drag the mouse on the video to see different angles. You get an even better viewing experience on mobile. Simply move your smartphone around to see different angles. 

Visit our media YouTube page for examples of 360 degree VR videos

You can enhance the mobile experience by watching the video in a Cardboard viewer or similar VR headset, which allows a 3D-interactive experience of the video.

Biz360Tours now offers 360 degree VR videos ready for Facebook or YouTube! Using a 4k 360 degree video camera we can create an amazing immersive video for you. You might be thinking, “Why do I need a 360 degree video for my marketing campaign?”. 

360 videos produce more engagement and message retention than normal videos. If using 360 video ads they generate more click thru to websites over their traditional video counterpart. 

Ways to use 360 degree VR video in your marketing campaigns to boost engagement:

  1. Showcase your products
  2. Promote Destinations
  3. Share an adventure
  4. Enhance your video blogging
  5. Showcase events
  6. Produce short films
  7. Music Videos
  8. Immersive TV
  9. Real Estate marketing

Put the potential buyers inside the home without wasting your time or theirs by having a 24 hour 7 day a week open house. Once you have their attention they can schedule a time to see the property in person, eliminating wasted showings. 

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We have done 360 videos for local bands, real estate agents and media events.