Space Coast Honda Aerial Drone Real Estate Photo at Twilight

Aerial Drone Photography For Brevard County, Florida.

Biz360Tours offers professional high quality Aerial Drone Photography in Titusville, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Melbourne and surrounding Brevard County, Florida cities.

Drone photographs grab potential buys attention and allow them to view the layout of the property in a single image. They can also get a feel of where the property is in relation to other prominent landmarks in the area. Today’s latest way to market your listing is through the use of high quality drone photography and videos on your online listings.

For some real estate agents, they claim that Drone Photography is the most important new technology to enter the real estate marketing tool box since the invention of the internet.

When you see our aerial drone images you can see why real estate agents just love them. Using high quality professional drones we can produce dramatic images guaranteed to grab attention. Weather capturing a sweeping landscape, waterfront views or seamless aerial 360° images Biz360Tours is your stop for Drone Photography in Brevard County, Florida for your real estate marketing needs.

You might be wondering how you as a real estate agent might benefit from drone photography. Here are a few ways real estate agents can benefit from aerial photography.

1. Drone photos can create a more dramatic and compelling images. Properly composed aerial images are not only professional, but can create a sense of awe and interest that ground based images simply cannot do.

2. Creates more interesting virtual tours. Using various shots from the drone photography session, the aerial images or video can create amazing views that enhance a tour. Utilizing aerial photos or videos to create a beautiful visualization for you a potential buyer can sell a home faster.

3. Aerial photos can highlight more property features. Since we can fly up to 400 ft we can showcase more features that are important to buyers in a since image. Landscaping, pools and waterfront views are all important just like the proximity to schools, parks and local shopping. Aerial images have the ability to show all in one or two images. Want to show a potential buyers all major landmarks within a few miles of the property? Ask us about our aerial 360° panoramic images.

4. Helps real estate professionals generate more business. When a prospective seller goes to hire a real estate professional they are going to hire someone who uses every tool they have to market the property and to get it sold quickly. Prosective sellers will feel confident hiring you knowing you take every opportunity to make their property look amazing and to stand out from the crowd.

5. Aerial photos and videos help you out-market the competition. It is no secret that listings with beautiful photos and detailed information sell faster and for a higher price.

Aerial Drone Still Photography

Show the true beauty of the property with an amazing high resolution aerial photograph. We utilize professional drones with a high resolution 20 megapixel camera to capture the property.

Aerial 360 Degree Panoramic Photos

Biz360Tours was the first and is currently the only Drone Photography provider in the Melbourne, Merritt Island and Titusville areas offering Aerial 360 degree spherical images to market your listing. Aerial Drone Photography in 360 degree formats can be hosted on our servers with tracking and analytics, hosted on cloud services such as or utilized in your social media marketing such as Facebook 360 photos or Google+ photospheres. Aerial 360° degree images range from an amazing 100 to 250 MEGAPIXELS.

Aerial Drone Real Estate Panoramic Photography.

Real Estate Drone Panoramic images are great to use as header images on social media websites or showing more of the property in a single image. Biz360Tours can create a true 2:1 ratio panoramic or custom size panoramic depending on your final usage.

4k Drone Videos

If a photo is worth a thousand words, how much is a 4k drone video worth? Capture and retain the attention of a buyer with a beautiful aerial 4k drone video of your listing.