Real Estate Photography Services in Brevard County, Florida.

Real Estate Photography Packages.

Traditional Real Estate Photography

Biz360Tours offers three residential real estate photography packages perfect for showcasing the beauty of any size home in Brevard County, Florida. Each of our photo packages include full resolution images ready for print and images optimized for websites and social media. Images are ready as quickly as 24 hours after photographing the property. For larger properties or vacant lots upgrade to a mast or pole image, which captures more of the lot in a single image. 

Package 1

  • Under 2,000 square foot
  • Appx. 15 – 20 images
  • 1-3 Bedrooms
  • 24 hour turn around
Package 2 – 

  • 2,000 – 4,000 square foot
  • Appx. 25 – 30 images
  • 3 – 4 Bedrooms
  • 32 hour turn around
  • Includes a mast / pole exterior street view image
Package 3 – 

  • Above 4,000 square foot
  • Appx. 30 – 35 images
  • 4+ bedrooms
  • 48 hour turn around
  • Includes 2  mast / pole exterior images

If you have a commercial real estate listing in Melbourne, Viera, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach or the Titusville areas needing professional photos, please contact us for pricing. No property is too large for us to photograph and we can customize a photo package based on your needs or marketing campaign. 

Hotel or Airbnb owners/managers anywhere in the Brevard County area looking to update their website photos or online listing images, Biz360Tours can customize a real estate photography package based on your needs. Contact us for pricing.

360° Virtual Tour

If you are looking for a way to capture the beauty of a property in a new innovative way, Biz360Tours offers immersive 360 Virtual Tours in both high resolution and ultra high resolution options. These virtual tours are not your basic photo slideshow. In fact these are nothing like those “virtual tours”. Our 360° Virtual Tours give the potential buyer a way to immerse themselves into the property and view the home in 360° views just like they could in person.

You can think of these virtual tours as a 24/7 open house where the potential buyer can view the listing anytime, from anywhere in the world and feel like they were there in person. 360° Virtual Tours give viewers a greater feel of the property over traditional photos. Viewers can look around the room freely in these self guided virtual tours. The 360° Virtual Tours are added to websites quickly and easily and can even be shared to social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn or even emailed. When using a smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy 6s with a Google Cardboard viewers can use the VR mode for the ultimate viewing experience.

If you have offline viewing needs please contact us for details and options. Included when you purchase a 360 degree real estate virtual tour you will get up to 10 spherical 360 degree panoramic images, custom colors, basic property description with agent contact information, link back to website of your choice, view analytics such as view counts and most importantly free hosting on Biz360Tours servers. Add on a HD 360 Degree Video Slide Show and get 50% off slide show.

360 Degree 4K Property Description Video.

Do you really want your listing to STAND OUT and capture a potential buyers attention to sell your listing FASTER? Then a 360 degree 4K property description video by Biz360Tours is the perfect option for your residential or commercial real estate listing. 

Walk the viewer through the property describing each area just like you would during a live open house. Once we work our magic the viewer will be able to see the beauty of the home in 360 degree 4K quality. Give potential buyers a 360 degree 24/7 open house by uploading the video to Facebook, YouTube or other 360 degree video enabled platform. Once you upload the 360 degree VR video to Facebook or YouTube it can be viewed in VR or Virtual Reality headsets such as Samsung GearVR or Google Cardboard.

Basic 360 VR video will average 6 minutes in edited length and upgraded 360 VR video will be on average of 10 minutes in edited length. 

High Definition 360 Degree Video Slide Show.

360 degree HD video slide show is created from 360° spherical panoramic images of the property.  360 degree video slide shows ca be quickly and easily uploaded to Facebook and YouTube, where potential buyers can view the video in 360 degrees on any device including VR headsets. HD 360 degree video slide shows include 10 spherical panoramic images and audio overlay. If you need more than 10 spherical panoramic images for your 360 degree video slide show let us know.

The video should be nice and sharp looking. If it looks fuzzy, click on the gear icon in the YouTube video and select 1080sHD.

4K Video Slide Show.

Add a 4K Video Slide Show to any real estate photography package we offer to market the property to buyers via YouTube, Facebook or other video site of your choosing. Video slide shows are on average of 5 mins and include a basic text description of the property, agent head shot and contact information and audio overlay. 

HD Property Video.

Showcase the beauty of the property in a 5 minute video. HD Property Videos include basic text description of location, branded intro and ending with agent head shot, logo and contact information.  HD videos are quickly uploaded to Facebook, YouTube or other video service. 

Real Estate Photography Add-Ons

Facebook 360 Degree Photos

If you are using the power of Facebook to market your listings then you already know how the right post can GRAB the ATTENTION of a buyer. Using a 360 degree Facebook photo with a great catch line can generate more views, which can help sell the home faster! If you have a listing in Titusville, Merritt Island, Melbourne or other city in Brevard County you should be using the power of Facebook to advertise.  Buy 5 or more and SAVE!

Twilight Photo Shoots

Are you looking for that WOW factor to capture the attention of a buyer? Twilight Real Estate Photo Shoots help GRAB the attention of a potential buyer by adding more emotion and drama to the photo. Show the potential buyers what the view is from the dock at sunset or the amazing view they can have when waking up at sunrise by upgrading to a Twilight Photo Shoot.
Twilight Real Estate Photography in Brevard County, Florida.

Mast / Pole 360 Degree Photo

360 Degree images already give the viewer a lot to look at in a single image. A 360 degree image captured from 10-25 feet off the ground can show more of the property, giving the viewer more information about the area. Great add on for our 360 Degree Virtual Tours and for large properties. 

Use on Facebook, Google+ or other VR ready web platforms for easy sharing. 

Additional Mast / Pole Still Image

If the your listing is on a large lot or large piece of vacant land you can add additional Mast or Pole images to any one of our Real Estate Photography Packages. The Mast or Pole image is captured between 10 and 25 feet off the ground to show more of the property in a single image. 

Additional Still Images

Sometimes properties might require a few additional images. If your real estate listing requires more than the images provided in one of our Real Estate Photography Packages you can add on what you need. If you need more than 6 additional images to market your listing contact us for special rates. 

Express Editing Services

Do you need your images yesterday? Well you are almost in luck. If you are in a hurry to get your images we provide Express Real Estate Photography Editing Services. We will deliver your images with in 12 hours after photo shoot has ended. Almost as good as a time machine back you yesterday. 

Aerial Real Estate Photography

Aerial photos add a beautiful perspective of the layout and proximity of the location compared to the surrounding areas. Capturing photos within the FAA guidelines, most aerial images for real estate will be captured less than 200ft above ground level. Don’t be fooled by low quality aerial images that show a curved horizon. Biz360Tours uses professional drone photography  equipment that gives up better results including level horizons.

We serve all of Brevard County, Florida and travel within 20 miles of Merritt Island is included. Travel outside the 20 mile radius will incur a .54 cent per mile extra fee. Mileage is calculated by Google Maps. 

If you have any questions about our real estate photography services or if you would like a quote, fill out the contact form below or call us at 321-210-1910.

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