Southeastern Honda

Southeastern Honda Street View Virtual Tour

Southeastern Honda Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour.

See inside Southeastern Honda in Palm Bay, Florida with a 360-degree interactive virtual tour powered by Google Maps Street View.

To navigate the virtual tour, click and drag your mouse left, right, up or down. You can also use your arrow keys.

Southeastern Honda (Palm Bay, FL)

Written by, Christopher Lopez

Southeastern Honda of Palm Bay, FL is the prime location on the Space Coast for your new and used car needs. Located on 3125 US Highway 1 Palm Bay, FL Southeastern Honda is committed to providing customers with exceptional service, and a stress free experience with the help of their professional and friendly sales staff. The dealership has been servicing the Space Coast for 35 years strong, with customers traveling from Cocoa to Vero Beach to take advantage of the excellent customer service provided.

Upon visiting Southeastern Honda, customers will enjoy a fully stocked and furnished longue. The customer longue offers comfortable couches, reading material, laptop stations, flat panel television, vending machines, and free beverage refreshments.  Additionally, customers will have access to free wi-fi, an outside patio area, and two service shuttles. Southeastern Honda has earned an excellent reputation among the community for its exceptional customer service with a 4 out 5 star customer rating.

Customers looking to finance a vehicle will be happy to know that Southeastern Honda offers a variety of financing options. Primarily, customers can visit the Southeastern Honda website and fill out an Auto Financing form. The form will give the customer the option of individual or joint financing, and will additionally ask the customer to specify an amount required for the loan accompanied by a selectable loan term ranging from 12 to 240 months. From that point the customer must specify a down payment amount, and whether or not they have a vehicle that they’d like to trade in. If so, vehicle information including year, make, model, mileage, and VIN number must be entered for a proper value estimate. Additional contact and employment information will be required before the form can be submitted. Upon submission a member of the Financial Team will review the form and contact the customer with financing options to complete the process.  Southeastern Honda also regularly offers limited time financing specials known as Honda Incentives that consist of low cost leasing rates and terms.

Southeastern Honda keeps a full online inventory of both new and pre-owned vehicles that is both easy to access and navigate. Each listing within the inventory will provide specific information about the vehicle including mileage, engine type, exterior/interior styles, transmission, and the vehicle type (car,truck,SUV,etc.). Customers interested in pre-owned vehicles will typically have access to a free Car Fax Vehicle History Report that will outline previous ownership, maintenance history, accident/damage reports, and much more. Users of the online inventory interface will be able to refine their searches for vehicles by utilizing a convenient sidebar. The sidebar allows the user to search for a vehicle by a combination of variables such as make, model, year, fuel economy, and condition.

Southeastern Honda’s service center is fully equipped with a team of certified technicians that are ready to assist customers with a full range of services.  Services include but are not limited to brake replacements/inspection, drive train service, oil changes, tire rotation, A/C recharges, and filter cleaning. Whether its regular routine maintenance or a complete engine rebuild, Southeastern Honda has the skill and technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Honda Service Advisors make it their priority to ensure that all customer servicing needs are as streamlined and seamless as possible.  Customers in need of vehicle maintenance or extensive collision repair can visit the Honda Auto Service and Repair Center, or call (877) 556-6602 to schedule an appointment. The facility is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am -6:00pm, and Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm.

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Upon starting the video walk through of Southeastern Honda , the viewer will begin in the main foyer of the facility from which they will have access to a 360 degree panoramic view of the room. The tour proceeds to navigate throughout the main show room, showcasing various display models and decoration; soon after the viewer is brought to the gift shop section of the building, followed by the front office and waiting area. A quick 360 degree rotation offers a full view of the main office. From there, the viewer is lead outside of the front door to the outside entrance and parking lot.


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