Space View Park Street View Virtual Tour

Space View Park Street View Virtual Tour.

Enjoy the below 360-degree interactive virtual tour on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. If you have an virtual reality headset such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, or Samsung GearVR you can really immerse yourself into the environment.

The Space View park is located on the Indian River in Titusville, Florida and provides visitors beautiful Florida views. Visitors can enjoy the many monuments dedicated to the American Space programs and Americas veterans.

Immerse yourself in this amazing 37 panoramic image virtual tour of the park.

View the 360-degree panoramic virtual tour on Google Maps Street View.

Space View Park in Titusville, Florida.

On the west shore of the Indian River in Titusville, Florida, this 2.63-acre community river park is landscaped with artistic sculpture, foliage, palms and hardwood trees. Benches, boardwalk, fishing and boat dock, and a sheltered pier inspire leisurely strolls. Located less than 15 miles directly across from the Kennedy Space Center launch pads.

As a cultural and historical site, the park features a Veterans Memorial and the U.S. Space Walk of Fame.

In a courtyard encircled by ten granite monuments, the 80-foot Circle of Memories dedicated to All Veterans of All Wars, is the nation’s first to honor all American veterans and recognize all commissioned military engagements from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf Conflict. Over 2,550 memorial bricks pave the circle of memories. In the adjacent walk are bricks identifying each student who received the Veterans Memorial Scholarship.

On the waterfront with Old Glory in the center, is a circle of service flags of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. The Veterans Memorial Foundation, a volunteer non-profit organization, created and sponsors the memorial.

Near the attractive restroom facility, the Mercury Monument profiles the first seven astronauts and inspires reflection and strolls along the U.S. Space Walk of Fame. At the Gemini Monument, plaques set in the ground commemorate each mission, with Astronaut handprints mounted alongside. Following the shoreline northward and eventually connecting more waterfront parks, additional U.S. Space Walk of Fame exhibits will include the Apollo program.

Conceived by the Space Walk of Fame Foundation and now a part of Titusville’s redevelopment plan, the riverfront promenade with a space vehicle launch view will feature educational stations highlighting achievements of individuals and events. During launches, the Foundation broadcasts live audio feeds from NASA Direct into the park. Completion of the Parks Referendum Project portion of the U.S. Spacewalk of Fame is pending due to the City of Titusville’s completion of hurricane damage & seawall.

Space View Park Titusville Florida

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