Things you should ask your Google Trusted Photographer

Things you should ask your Google Trusted Photographer before you hire them.

When hiring a Google Trusted Photographer to photograph your business for Google Maps Street View, there are a few questions that you should ask the company or photographer. While new technology has made photography easier for people, shooting a high-resolution 360-degree image is not as easy as setting a camera on a tripod and hitting the shutter button. To create a seamless 360-degree image, you have to have specialized equipment that is highly accurate, software that can decipher and stitch the pictures together and you need another piece of software to publish the images to Google Maps Street View.

To make sure you hire the right Google Trusted Photographer to photograph your location, we assembled these questions for you to ask before hiring someone to photograph your business and help your brand stand out from the competition.

How long have they been shooting 360° photos?

Creating 360-degree images is not the same as capturing a regular photo. Ask to see the photographers portfolio and ask to see examples of tours in your industry. Choosing the right camera height and location when creating an informative photo is very important, and an experienced virtual tour photographer will know how to best photograph your place of business. If and when you review the photographers work, keep these items in mind.

  1. Check the credit of the Google Trusted Photographer. Each tour uploaded to Google Maps gives credit to the photographer or company who uploaded it.
  2. Look at the windows in the images. Can you see through them like you can if you were standing there or are the windows overexposed?
  3. Are the images evenly and adequately exposed?
  4. Are the photographs sharp and in focus?

Google Street View trusted logo for Google Trusted PhotographerBiz360Tours was one of the first Google Trusted Photographers in the United States when the program launched back in 2012. Over the past seven years, we have created tens of thousands of 360-degree images, tested 360 cameras for companies, beta tested virtual tour software and helped hundreds of business like yours stand out on Google Maps with a professionally shot Google Street View virtual tour. Call now to stand out on Google Maps with a Street View virtual tour. 

What kind of camera/equipment does the Google Trusted Photographer use to capture the 360-degree Google Street View photography?

Asking the photographer what equipment they use is an essential question to ask the Google Street View Trusted Photographer because depending on the gear used it will make a huge difference in a professional virtual tour or an amateur virtual tour. You have to remember your brand/company is represented in the images, online for everyone to see. Therefore you want to make sure you are getting the best quality for your money. At Biz360Tours, we use high-quality professional cameras, other dedicated virtual tour hardware, and software to create the WOW factor images your brand needs. Several types of cameras can be used to create a 360-degree Google Maps Street View virtual tour. However, not all of the cameras are created equal. If you are looking for the highest quality tours, look for a virtual tour photographer who uses a DSLR camera and dedicated virtual tour software. 

Are they licensed and insured?

Asking if they are licensed and insured is another vital question to ask not only the Google Trusted Photographer you hire but any vendor you hire. If the Google Trusted Photographer or company you hire is not insured, you are taking a considerable risk. Should they come on to your property, and if something happened, you might be liable and responsible for all costs. Don’t take a chance and ask them right away if they are licensed and insured. Biz360Tours is licensed and insured and can provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

What areas are going to be photographed or highlighted?

Google Trusted Photographer areas to be photographed diagram Google Trusted Photographer areas to be photographed diagram Google Trusted Photographer areas to be photographed diagram
Another item to discuss with your photographer is the areas of the business that is being photographed or highlighted and which areas to not include. If you have a connected virtual tour, you might have more areas that need to photographed vs. a non-connected to tour that can highlight areas of the business. 

Should there be people visible the virtual tour or should the tour be free of people and staff?

People visible or not in the tour is up to the client, however 360-degree virtual tours tend to be better when the business is not busy or better closed with no people in the images to distract the viewer. If you would like people in your Google Maps Street View virtual tour, the Google Trusted Photographer will have to blur any customers face that is visible. We had one Google Street View Tour client that had little signs made up to “blur” the faces of the employees that helped explain the restaurant’s food, drink and entertainment options. 

If you are ready to hire a Google Trusted Photographer, contact Biz360Tours today to learn more or to schedule your photo shoot. 

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