Why You Should Hire A Professional Real Estate Photographer

Why a Real Estate Agent Should Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer Versus Doing It Themselves.

Often, we have wondered why we need a professional real estate photographer for our properties when we can easily describe them and sell them comfortably. It is quite arguably why we do not need a picture for our real estate. It could be that we do not want the extra expenses that photographs might cause or something else. The fact remains that, photos speak a thousand words at a time. The way your listing look is an incredibly important factor when keeping buyers interested and your brand strong.

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Why a Real Estate Agent Should Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer.

Gone are the days when buying a home involved a phone call to a realtor requesting a home for their clients. The world is going digital and photos are commonly used for advertising products online especially in the real estate industry. Therefore it is essential that a professional real estate photographer who understands the principles behind photography shoot your home’s online photographs. Getting a real estate photographer is worth more than just posting any picture to advertise your home. This is because of the fact that your photographs represent the first thing that will capture the buyers fantasy and so the more quality photos you have, the better. Assuming to be a buyer and you bumped into a home listing with no pictures or a bad photos with terrible quality, low lighting, or small focus, what would you do? Of course, it will not grab your attention as you have hundreds of homes to browse in a matter of minutes. 

Professional Photos Get More Views and Sell Faster Than Ordinary Photos. 

As we have earlier mentioned, a non-professional photo will draw no or less attention, but using professional photos can draw more attention to your listing and result in more views. A professional photographer assures that your listing will get more views and because the photos are great, more people are enticed to visiting the online listing. The increased clicks result in more foot traffic to your open house. This equals a greater chance to find the right buyer. A good image can take just a few moments to capture the audience and equally create a lasting impression which is one of the most effective ways of conveying value and desirability. 

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A Professional Real Estate Photographer Gives Less Stress and Boosts Your Brand.

Professional photography for your listings is one of the simplest ways to promote your brand and business, but it takes time. There are other things involved after taking the photos. A professional photographer will not only take the photos, but they will re-size them, perform professional editing and will send them to you over email, their website or could based hosting service, hence making the job easier for the realtor. As a realtor, this might be a bit stressful as you have many other things to attend to. You do not have to do that hard work, you just download the image files and continue your job. Hiring a photographer gives you more time to focus on the most relevant things which includes; selling houses and building your business.

Professional Photos Command Higher Prices Than Ordinary Photos.

One of the most overlooked aspects of real estate marketing is the quality of the photography. The vast majority of real estate listings are shot with ordinary consumer level cameras not knowing purchasing power of listings with professional photographs. High-quality photography gives buyers the impression that you are committed to the exceptional presentation of your property. Not just the benefit of increasing the price of your home, a better-photographed home will sell faster because more people are enticed to visit the property. The Wall Street Journal on a report shows that real estate listings featuring high-quality photographs shot with professional level camera systems commanded higher asking prices and tended to sell at a greater price than listings shot with ordinary, point and shoot consumer cameras – the kind most Realtors utilize when shooting their listings. It was also found that high-quality listing photos attract far more attention online. 

Professional Photos Make You Stand Out Against Your Competitors. 

You may think there is no need of hiring a professional real estate photographer when your smartphone can do almost what professional photographs can do. But have you asked yourself what happens when the market/economy goes back down and business is slow? You may not necessarily need marketing in the good time, but when the time becomes bad, the ones who continuously work on their brand are the ones who continue to stand out. When times are bad, those who didn’t stop caring about their marketing efforts are the ones who standout when the market is good again and they will be the ones that customers remember and go to for services. The marketing features and skill a professionally done photos add to your home makes you standout against your competitors in the market.


Professional real estate photographers have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to yield great and high quality images that will wow your potential buyer. A professional photographer can create an image that can use the scene to guide the viewer’s eye to certain points, accentuating the best features of the home through the use of angles, contrast and color. A professional real estate photographer also understands how to make things look better than they appear. They know how the sizes and colors of objects impact a photograph. A professional real estate photographer has spent thousands of hours learning how to take the best possible photo, while real estate agents likely have not done so.

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The biggest difference between hіrіng a рrоfеѕѕіоnаl photographer and taking the pictures yourself is the fact that the professional knows how to make something ordinary look spectacular.  The understand how the angle of the photo can make space appear bigger from their professional point of view than it is.

An excellent professional real estate photographer must be able to maintain the authenticity of the place while creating an emotional experience. It is best to choose someone with extensive experience in, panoramic photography, the post-production process and professional grade equipment.

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