About Biz360Tours.

Biz360Tours offers Google Maps Street View virtual tour photography to all businesses in Merritt Island, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Titusville and surrounding areas in Brevard County, with a team of expert, tech-savvy photographers dedicated to the success of your business. We also provide real estate photography and 360-degree virtual reality videos in Brevard County.

Why Biz360Tours?

Biz360Tours is a family owned and operated business with over fifteen years of experience combined. Team members Jason and Amy were among the first batch of certified photographers for the Google Maps Street View “see inside” program.

Biz360Tours is the only virtual tour company providing HDR still images, video walk-through from the tour (Youtube), and business articles for SEO (hosted on Biz360Tour’s website www.biz360tours.com). Placing your new Google Maps Street View virtual tour on your business page helps increase the visibility of the tour. From Facebook, your follows will be able to leave comments, “Like” and share on Facebook, Tweet about it on Twitter, and your fans can even pin it on Pinterest.

Biz360Tours has published over 10,000 panoramic images and have 1200+ Photospheres on Google Maps. The company’s high-quality tours are priced with an affordable, one-time payment and zero recurring fees.


The Team

Jason Perrone – Owner / Photographer

Jason is a technologically gifted photographer with many years of experience in the field. He beta-tested virtual tour software from Kolor.com PanoTour/Pro 2.0 and created the first spherical image with Google Glass and third-party stitching software in Jan 2014.

Captivated by Florida’s natural beauty and the fantastic experience of watching rockets take flight, Jason became fascinated with photography with technology. Jason first became interested in panoramic photography in 1992 on a grade school field trip to D.C. where the photographer “cloned” a friend’s dad in the image by using a camera trick. In 1995 he used a true panoramic camera with film designed for such wide images with a 2:1 ratio where there was no stitching required. Some of the images produced with this camera were in Bonaire on a scuba diving trip. He created several panoramic images with a 1970s film camera in 1999 before digital cameras were available to the general public and had to hand stitch/overlay the images to create a panoramic image—most of the images were of street photography in Miami, Florida.

Jason is an active member of the community who regularly volunteers and helps local businesses through the Get Your Business Online Program by Google. Additionally, he has a real estate background with 15+ years of experience with Perrone Properties.

Jason became a fully certified Google Photographer in March 2012.

He has been the subject of articles in the media; including Florida Today and SBC. http://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/local/2014/03/09/looking- glass/6218333/

Published over 5,000 panoramic images on Google Maps.

Amy Boone

Amy is an entrepreneur, natural manager, and professional photographer with a flair for social networking, creating business relationships, and communications. She is often the voice of Biz360Tour’s social media as well as the face of meetings with business owners. Amy’s pleasant, well-mannered personality makes her a delight to work with, and she has earned the team many mutually beneficial business relationships.

Amy’s background in Hotel Sales Management led to an interest in owning a business. Amy and her partner Jason decided to combine their talents and open a small portrait studio. Amy became a Google Certified and Trusted Photographer to pursue the hobby she had developed while managing the studio.

Biz360Tours History

The Google Maps Business Photos Program (Now called Google Street View Trusted) started in early 2011 and was designed to help locally owned and operated businesses gain more exposure on the web. The Google program went through several changes until it eventually evolved into the Google Maps Street View Program. It became clear to Amy and Jason that their vision had led them from portrait photography and into Virtual Tour photography, HDR Still Images, Panoramic Imaging, Real Estate Photography, and Professional Headshots.

After three successful years with the studio, Amy and Jason’s involvement with the Google Program had consumed a majority of their time. They closed the studio to pursue the vision for their new business, Biz360Tours.


International VR Photography Association (IVRPA)

Pro Members of 360cities.net, level: expert


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