360-degree Virtual Tours

360-degree Virtual Tours

Biz360Tours offers stand-alone 360-degree panoramic tours that are to be hosted on your company server and can include branded content such as logos, links to online stores/reservation services, and more. We can add videos, photos, and other informational items within the tour to give the viewer an experience like no other.

Vacation Rental Virtual Tour
Click here to view the tour in full screen.

For vacation rentals, virtual tours can help increase sales by giving a potential guest a true view of the property they will be renting. Below are just a few ways our 360-degree virtual tours can help.

  • Gives the viewer a realistic view of the property
  • “Book Now” “Reserve Now” links to the booking system
  • Customizable with company colors and logos
  • Tours can be used to give directions to guests on how to use items around the rental, such as, where a lockbox might be, how to use the TV, what channels are available, or other descriptive text. The options are endless
  • Virtual tours retain viewers on your website
  • Mobile friendly and easily shareable!

Retail Store Virtual Tour
Click here to view the tour in full screen.

Virtual tours are a great way for retailers to increase sales by giving the viewer visual information about what your store sells. In the example tour we built, we added the use of a home screen which can give the viewer instructions or some basic information about the business. Inside the tour, you can select items and purchase them online. A linkable logo is also added to the top left corner.

Restaurant Reservation Example
Click here to view the tour in full screen.

Single or Multiple Panoramic images for a restaurant are a great way to increase sales. In the example above, you can see the use of various ways we can incorporate your online reservation system into our virtual tour technology. The tour also shows how adding additional information such as an image pop-up can give the viewer more information about what your business has to offer them.

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