Brevard County Real Estate Photography and Real Estate Virtual Tours.

Biz360tours offers professional Brevard County real estate photography services in Merritt Island, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Titusville, Viera and surrounding cities. We offer many innovative ways for you to market your residential or commercial property from traditional still photography to 360° interactive tours, 360° video, Facebook 360° photos, panoramic photography, elevated or mast photography to professional head shots. 

Did you know listings with professional photos

  • Sell on average of 50% faster.
  • Sell closer to listing price.
  • Get more views and showings.
  • Improves your brand.

Residential Real Estate Photography

Traditional still photography packages for every size residential real estate listing. Packages are based on square footage of the property. Square footage is based off the Brevard County Property Appraiser Office. 

Package 1

  • Under 2,000 square foot
  • Appx. 15 – 20 images
  • 1-3 Bedrooms
  • 24 hour turn around
Package 2 – 

  • 2,000 – 4,000 square foot
  • Appx. 25 – 30 images
  • 3 – 4 Bedrooms
  • 32 hour turn around
  • Includes an elevated exterior street view image
Package 3 – 

  • 4,000 – 6,000 square foot
  • Appx. 30 – 35 images
  • 4-5 bedrooms
  • 48 hour turn around
  • Includes 2 elevated exterior images
Package 4 – 

  • 6,000 plus square foot
  • Appx. 40 images
  • 5+  bedrooms
  • 48 hour turn around
  • Includes 2 elevated exterior images

Facebook 360° Photos

Are you using the power of Facebook to market your listings? If so, you can get 2x more interest in a listing by including a Facebook 360° photo with your social post.

360° Interactive Virtual Reality Tours

We offer both standard definition and high definition 360° interactive virtual reality tours that can be customized to match your real estate brand. Enhance your 360° tour with photo or video overlays, logos and more. Mobile friendly with HTML5! View both a standard definition tour and high definition tour below.
Here are some included features

Custom colors and logos

  • Show off your brand with custom colors and your logo in the virtual tour. We can add your logo to the corner of the 360 degree virtual tour and have it link back to your website (or site of your choice).
Auto rotation

  •  Have your virtual tour automatically start rotating at a set rate of speed.

Elevated Stills / Aerial Photos

Do you have a property that covers a lot of land? Biz360Tours can capture your property from an elevated point of view to capture all of its beauty in one single shot.

Elevated 360-degree panoramas / Aerial 360’s

360-degree panoramic images from an elevated point of view show off a vast area and can be added into the virtual tours to show the clients the beauty of the large property.

360°  VR Video

Have your listing stand out from the rest with a 360 degree VR video. Use 360° VR video to market your listing on YouTube, Facebook and on Virtual Reality headsets. Utilize our 360 VR video as a 360 degree video slide show or go all out and order a 360 degree VR walk-through video.  

Professional Head Shots

High resolution head shots ready for print and web.

Agent Image Optimization

Do you have your own images that you would like us to edit? We can apply basic edits to enhance your images. This is a budget friendly service with quick turnaround times.

Brevard County Real Estate Photography Examples

360 Degree Interactive Real Estate Virtual Tours Examples

High definition tour. (Best viewed full screen)
Standard definition tour (Best viewed full screen)

360 Degree Video

Make sure you view in 4K

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