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Goldfish Swim School

Services Provided

Google Maps Street View – We photographed the inside of the swim school for Google Maps Street View.

Business Photography – We provided interior and exterior photos of the location.

Below you can view the sample virtual tour we created from the images we captured.

Our Ideas & Solutions
For Customer

To help market the business, we were tasked with photographing the location for Google Maps Street View. This included 360-degree panoramic images and high-resolution still images for their Google My Business Listing.

Having high-quality images for the Google My Business listing captures potential clients’ attention faster and helps them understand the location in clear, well-exposed images from multiple angles around the business.

Also, by having a 360-degree virtual tour of the location, potential customers can view the property any time of the day, when it’s convenient for them, helping the customer understand what the business has to offer.

In conclusion, having these services will help the swim school in Orlando, Florida stand out from the competition on Google Maps, and help provide transparency. Learn more about the Goldfish Swim School on their website.

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