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Airbnb Listing Photography and Digital Twin Services in Cape Canaveral, Florida

Services Provided

Matterport 3D Digital Twin – We created a 3D digital twin /  immersive 360-degree virtual tour of the property so potential guests can know what they are renting without guessing.

Airbnb Listing Photos – We provided interior and exterior photos of the location for the client’s Airbnb listing in Cape Canaveral, Florida

2D schematic floorplan – Since we created the 3D digital twin of the location, we were able to create a floorplan of the location which can be used as a fire exit escape plan to be displayed in the home or online so guests can get an understanding of the layout of the listing.

Our Ideas & Solutions
For Customer

To help make our client’s Airbnb listing stand out from the sea of others, we suggested to our client to utilize our professional photography and 3D digital twin services. This would allow our client to easily show the location to potential guests.

Having high-quality images for the Airbnb listing captures the potential guest’s attention and helps them understand the location in clear, well-exposed images from multiple angles around the property.

Also, by having a digital twin of the location, these potential guests can view the Airbnb listing and know exactly what they will be renting vs guessing about other listings without this service and low-quality images.

In conclusion, having these services will help our client keep their Airbnb listing rented more days out of the year, generating more revenue for our client.

View more about this location on Airbnb. See more of our work in our portfolio.

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