Service Type / Hotel Photography

Resort on Cocoa Beach, Florida

Services Provided

Matterport 3D Digital Twin – We scanned two different style rooms that the hotel offers.

Professional Photos – We were tasked to update the interior images for two room types offered by the hotel.

Our Ideas & Solutions
For Customer

To help market the rooms for the hotel, we suggested to our client to utilize our professional photography and 3D digital twin services. This would allow our client to easily show the location to potential guests.

Having high-quality images for the hotel captures potential clients’ attention faster and helps them understand the location in clear, well-exposed images from multiple angles around the property.

Also, by having a digital twin of the location, potential guests can view the rooms any time of the day, when it’s convenient for them, giving the potential guests accurate information about the room they might be renting.

In conclusion, having these services will help our client rent the large commercial space easier and faster than traditional ways of marketing a commercial real estate listing like this. View more about this location on our client website.

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